Transforming your GoPro into a webcam is possible!

GoPro has unveiled free software to turn its latest camera into a webcam. For now, it’s reserved for MacOS users but a version for Windows 10 is coming soon.

Containment requires the application of videoconferencing are the 2020 stars, and software such as Zoom , Meets or Teams are now used in everyday life, at home or in business. The problem is that the webcams that equip computers remain of average quality, and that has given ideas to manufacturers of digital cameras , but also mini-cameras.

After Fujifilm  and Canon, it’s GoPro’s turn to offer a little free software that turns its camera into a webcam . Offered in beta , GoPro Webcam Beta currently works only on MacOS and with the HERO8 Black model, but the manufacturer ensures that it will soon be available for other models, and also on Windows 10 .

For MacOS only for now

To take advantage of this function, you must download and then install the new camera firmware , then the application required to use it as a webcam . Once it is done, a GoPro icon is placed in the bar of MacOS. Then, you have to connect the camera to the Mac, and preferably to a USB 3 connector .

We can then click on “Show Preview” to preview the image,  via GoPro. As soon as the setting is correct, you can launch its video conferencing application, and select GoPro as the device. It is compatible with almost all videoconferencing software such as Zoom, Skype , Teams or even Meets and Rooms. We can even use it to make lives on YouTube . As the GoPro does not have a clamp to hang it on the screen, you will probably have to invest in a tripod or tinker with a stand.