Why Epic Games, publisher of the Fortnite video game, is suing Apple

Apple did not agree to Epic Games bypassing its app store rules and removed Fortnite, its flagship, from the App Store. In response, the video game publisher has filed a complaint against the American giant, intending to put an end to what it qualifies as “anti-competitive practices”. Google could also be targeted.

The start of a battle royale? On Thursday evening, Apple banned the Fortnite video game from the App Store, its application store . A giant of the sector which counts the trifle of 250 million players in the world . Unless you have already installed it before, it is now impossible to download it, including in France. The reason: violation of App Store rules “which apply to all developers and are designed to keep the store secure for our users,” Apple told AFP.

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Epic Games refuses Apple’s monopoly

Because Fortnite lit the first fuse. The game’s publisher, Epic Games, has gone on a crusade against Apple’s monopoly in the iPhone app market . On the App Store, the rule is simple: for any payment made on an application, Apple charges a commission of 30%. But this situation is not at all to the taste of Epic Games, which openly challenged the American giant. He offered in Fortnite a paid bonus and to get it, players had the choice: ten dollars through Apple or eight bypassing the system in place.

“Prevent 2020 from becoming ‘1984’”

Apple did not accept it and therefore banned the application. Players who previously installed it can continue playing it and their progress is intact. But potential new fans are denied the game. Except that Epic Games had planned all this. Within a minute of the ban, the publisher filed a complaint against Apple, intending to put an end to what it describes as “anti-competitive practices”. The icing on the cake, Fortnite posted on social networks a video that imitates the famous 1984 pub of the apple brand.

At the time, Apple wanted to sell the revolutionary aspect of its Macintosh against the old world of IBM. Turnaround: Today, it’s Epic Games trying to overthrow Apple. And in just a few minutes, the hashtag #freefortnite flourished on the web.

Google is also removing Fortnite from the Play Store

But in this looming trade and legal war, Apple won’t feel alone. Google has also decided to remove Fortnite from its Play Store. However, the situation is different on the operating system of the web giant, Android, which allows developers to offer their apps through different platforms. But “for game publishers who choose to go through the Play Store, we have consistent regulations that are fair to developers and ensure store security for users,” Google told AFP.

It is therefore a game of poker that Epic Games attempted. By head-on attacking the rules decreed by Apple and Google, the publisher of Fortnite is trying to endorse the cloak of the white knight, the little Thumb who attacks the digital giants. An exaggerated role: In 2019, Fortnite generated 1.6 billion euros in revenue for Epic Games. The mobile version alone has brought in a billion euros in two years. It is therefore a battle of communication as much as a battle of big money which begins. And in the middle, it is the players who are likely to suffer.