LED screens on referee jerseys to broadcast advertising

Royole Corporation, a manufacturer of flexible LED screens, has partnered with sports equipment supplier Tūta to create jerseys that incorporate an advertising display. They are worn by the referees during matches in the FIBA ​​Hoptrans 3×3 tournament.

Basketball matches taking airs science fiction. Some jerseys no longer feature a simple printed logo, but incorporate a flexible screen to display the sponsor’s name. They are manufactured by Royole Corporation , which has partnered with sports equipment manufacturer Tūta. Together, they created jerseys that the referees will wear throughout the Hoptrans 3×3 tournament of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

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The four referees in the Hoptrans 3×3 tournament opener on July 3, attended by 50 million people, wore these new flexible display jerseys. The screens have a diagonal of 7.8 inches and weigh only 85 grams, and therefore do not constitute a nuisance for the referees. “  Our ultra-thin and fully flexible displays are robust and efficient, making them ideally suited for apparel products  ,” said Bill Liu, PD-G. from Royole.

A thickness of just 10 micrometers

Royole is a specialist in flexible screens and had presented its first prototype in 2012, measuring only 0.01 millimeters thick. With a bending radius of one millimeter, its technology called Flexible + can be integrated into many products. Royole was notably the first to present a foldable smartphone in 2018, with the FlexPai .

The display of the jerseys is controlled by an application , and can therefore be animated and modified at any time. This technology represents a new niche for the advertising market  but, fortunately, could find other outlets. The firm notably presents on its site hats and T-shirts capable of displaying videos, such as a football match.