How to Use misinform diabetes regulator to lose weight?

Overweight is one of the troublesome problems that many people seek to solve in various ways, but there are wrong behaviors followed by some so that they take a specific drug based on the experience of another person, and this is what happened with Maha – a student from the University of Zaytuna – as she was suffering from an increase in Weight as I stated to the medical site:

“My friend had type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes) and the doctor prescribed her metformin. During her use of it, I lost about 2 kg of weight in three months and advised me to try the medicine to help me reduce my weight even though I do not suffer from Diabetes I have tried it and lost 2 kg in two months. ” Maha continued: “However, there were several side effects when using this medicine, including:

  • Stomach disorders.
  • Decreased vitamin B12 level.
  • a headache.
  • Muscle weakness

Because Maha is one of many models that use metformin to lose weight, this article came to show the correctness of using metformin to reduce weight, and at first we will talk about the mechanism of action of metformin that helps in losing weight. [1] [2] [3]

How does metformin work to lose weight?

Metformin diabetes regulator works through several mechanisms, the most important of which are:

  • Reducing the production of glucose sugar in the liver.
  • Reducing intestinal glucose uptake .

With this mechanism, the level of sugar in the blood is controlled by metformin, which is why it is an effective treatment that helps lose weight for people with insulin-dependent diabetes who are obese. In contrast, many other diabetes medications cause a significant increase in weight, making metformin a popular choice for patients. However, how does metformin help you lose weight?

  • Metformin plays a role in altering the balance of gut bacteria, causing side effects in the digestive system, such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  • It is believed that the weight loss caused by the use of metformin is caused by a decreased appetite due to abdominal pain, thus reducing the amount of food a person consumes.
  • Water loss due to diarrhea may also contribute to weight loss when taking metformin.
  • In addition, metformin may play a role in raising the levels of the leptin hormone responsible for feeling full, which reduces appetite for food.
  • Metformin mainly causes weight loss from body fat, and may reduce waist circumference.

Are there studies that confirm that metformin is effective in reducing weight and has the FDA approved its use for this purpose?

Several studies were conducted, among them a study was conducted on 154 people who did not suffer from diabetes but who were obese for 6 months and were compared to 45 people who did not take metformin and found that there was a loss of 5.8-7 kg for people who took metformin, while people who did not They take metformin 0.8-3.5 kg of weight. Although it was found through the study the effectiveness of metformin in weight loss, the General Food and Drug Administration did not agree to the use of metformin to reduce weight because it needs many studies before approval. [1]

He added  Dr. Alaa welding – Doctor material therapy ( in English: Therapeutics) at the Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Jordan , that it should not be relied on metformin to reduce the weight of people who do not suffer from diabetes, for several reasons , including:

  • It increases the body’s resistance to insulin so it may increase the risk of developing diabetes.
  • It may lead to a decrease in vitamin B12 levels.
  • It does not lead to a significant decrease in weight, and its role is to stabilize weight more than reduce it.
  • The effect of metformin may not continue to lose weight long after you stop taking it, and a person may recover the kilograms they have lost.
  • Metformin causes some side effects, such as: diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, heartburn and stomach pain.

In addition, metformin may take a significant period to lose weight significantly, as it may take about one to two years to lose weight at a rate of 4-7 kilograms. Likewise, the maximum benefit of metformin in terms of weight loss is achieved within an integrated healthy lifestyle including exercise and adherence to a balanced diet. Therefore, it is advised to follow a low-calorie diet rich in nutrients and exercise regularly if you want to take metformin to lose weight.

Using metformin diabetes regulator to lose weight

Awareness of using metformin to lose weight

Finally, the pharmacist’s role in spreading awareness among people must be emphasized, including:

  • Taking complete information from the person when purchasing metformin medication in terms of the reason for using the medicine and whether this medication is prescribed by the doctor or not.
  • Provide advice based on balanced nutrition and sports to lose weight.
  • Not to use metformin to lose weight until there are studies that allow it to be used.
  • Generally not using weight loss medication without consulting a doctor. [1] [2] [3]