How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a PC?

Good news, saving photos taken with a smartphone on a PC is quick and easy, even if you have an iPhone.

Allow connection

The first step is to allow the connection between your iPhone and your computer.

Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your PC with a Lightning or 30-pin cable (depending on your phone model).

A pop up will appear on your iPhone asking you to allow the computer to access your phone. Confirm the authorization by pressing Trust.

Windows recognizes the presence of your phone and a window appears asking you what action to take.

If the window does not appear in File Explorer then in This PC to find your phone.  

File Explorer

If you want to preview your device before extracting your photos, select the Open Mobile Device option to view the files.

Click Internal Storage and then DCIM.

This gives you access to all the photos, screenshots and videos on your iPhone.

All you have to do is copy/paste the photos and videos you want to save into a folder on your computer and erase the ones you do not like.

The Photos tool

You can also import your images using the photo tool. This method is especially useful if you want to save all your photos at once. You can not delete photos from your phone from this interface.



If you use iTunes on your PC, you can also use the program to import your photos. iTunes sometimes has difficulty running on older PCs, so this technique is only recommended if you have a recent version of the software and a fairly powerful computer.

Cloud storage

Another solution to save photos of your iPhone: use a cloud.

A cloud is an online cloud storage space that allows you to back up your photos (and any other files) and access them from any device.

Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before you sync your phone to a cloud or use a lot of your data.