How to make an iPhone at $ 2,000 irresistible?

1 TB of storage

I will not tell you a story. If I pay such an amount, I want to have so much storage that I never have to worry about missing anymore. Since Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Note 9 is up to 512 GB, the next logical step is 1 TB.

Free 1 TB iCloud storage

What good is 1 TB of storage if you can not save it. Therefore, Apple should offer enough iCloud storage to be able to fully back up the device (in fact, I think Apple should already do it.) 5GB free iCloud storage, it’s just an insult when you know how much is spent customers for its products).

MicroSD card input

Yes, I know that 1 TB of storage should be enough, but the ability to add storage in the form of cheap microSD cards would be really helpful. At the very least, this would be a quick and easy local backup solution or a convenient way to transfer files.

Gigabit LTE

Although we are far from the generalization of gigabit on mobile, this will become a reality in the coming years and it would be a good way to protect the future of the iPhone. Plus, some lucky people might start enjoying it today.

And it should be remembered that Qualcomm has the Snapdragon X24, an LTE 2 Gbps modem.

Dock or docking station

I really appreciate Samsung’s DeX docking technology and would love to see Apple take an initiative in this area. This would put the iPhone at the center of my digital world, streamlining much of my computing business.

Even though a dock would still not let me down completely from a laptop and a desktop, it would totally transform my workday, making a terminal the heart of my digital tasks.

Improved resolution of the camera

Admittedly, Apple says that it is not the number of megapixels that matters, but I am convinced that if the light is not captured in the first place, nothing will then offset it.

With smartphones now shipping 40-megapixel cameras – like the Huawei P20 Pro, which, in addition to a 40-megapixel back camera, has a 24-megapixel front lens – the iPhone’s 12-megapixel rear sensor seems now outdated.

Better battery life

One of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone is the low battery life. I think Apple is compromising its ability to provide one-day battery life to make the iPhone incredibly thin and light. A few extra millimeters thick and a few tens of grams more would suffice to achieve a larger battery.

Goodbye port lightning, wireless only

Even though I enjoy wearing Lightning, I think the future of the iPhone is in the 100% wireless. Add a fast-charging wireless charger for the $ 2,000 and I would feel totally satisfied.

Fully waterproof iPhone

Current iPhones have Ingress Protection IP67. The “6” in the “67” indicates that the iPhone is completely dustproof, while the “7” indicates that it is water-resistant up to 30 minutes for a depth of 1 m maximum.

But there are smartphones – like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – whose IP rating is IP68, waterproof up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

Shock-resistant Glass

Rumors suggest that Apple is working to design the iPhone with durable, scratch-resistant sapphire displays.

Sapphire is currently used as a crown for high-end wristwatches and as a protection for the iPhone’s Touch ID button.

While progress on this technology seems to be slowing down – or at least being quiet – I still hope that someday we’ll move from glass to more durable materials for screens.