How to make an iPad faster?

Your iPad is slow? Improve your performance by following these 10 tips!

If you have an older iPad model (version 1,2,3, 4, or even the iPad mini 1), it probably does not work as quickly as you would like. The iOS operating system used for iPads is effective but slows down over time.
Fortunately, there are some techniques to boost your tablet, and we selected for you the most effective.

Be aware that Apple has prepared a tablet-specific operating system, the iPadOS. The latter should have its final version as of September 10, 2019, date of the next keynote of the brand.

A lighter iPad is a faster iPad

Delink the iPad apps that you no longer use.

Cleaning up your applications can dramatically improve the performance of your iPad and allow it to work more efficiently.

To delete an application, hold down its icon until you reach the edit mode (all applications start shaking) and tap the cross that appears in the top left corner.

You can find out which applications are the most storage-intensive by going to Settings → General → Storage and Use of iCloud → Manage Storage.

There you will see the weight of all your programs. Tap on their name to access the details (application weight VS weight of app content) and delete them.

It’s often apps for videos, podcasts or photos that take up the most space. You do not have to delete them but it would be good to sort through their contents.

Delete apps & restart iPad

Once you have cleaned up your apps, restart your iPad to refresh its memory.

Hold down the standby button until the screen prompts you to turn off the iPad, then turn it back on.

Disable the refresh in the background

Now that you’ve removed some apps, your iPad should be faster. 

If you’re using an older tablet model like the iPad 2 or iPad mini, disable non-essential features like background refresh.

For that, go to Settings → General → Refresh in the background.