How to copy a hard disk under Windows 10?

We explain how to copy the contents of your old hard drive to a new one.

If your PC is ageing or is prone to frequent failures, then we recommend copying your hard drive and backing up your data and operating system completely. In this way, if a significant malfunction occurs, then you will be protected against any loss.

If you want to change your traditional hard disk (HDD) for a solid-state drive ( SSD ) to boost your PC and increase your storage space, then clone a hard drive is essential.

In this tutorial, we explain the different techniques available to you, and some are free, others are not.

Can we clone a hard drive under Windows 10?

Microsoft never has integrated tools to make an exact copy of a hard drive that includes the Windows operating system.

To copy an original HDD, which includes Windows and hidden items, such as the partition table, you need tools or software specific to this task.

Use a docking station to duplicate a hard drive

The simplest (but most expensive) option is to buy a docking station that copies

the HDDs. Just insert your two disks (the original and the new ones) and duplicate all your data.

On Amazon, you’ll find, for example, StarTech’s SATDOCK2REU3 (USB 3.0) at € 80.60. It accepts standard HDDs in 3.5 or 2.5-inch format with a SATA interface.

If you have an old IDE disk, you can get an adapter, such as SAT2IDEADP from StarTech, it is $ 28.99 on RueduCommerce or $ 20.99 on Amazon France.

Note, however, that most of these stations will only work if your new disk is of the same capacity (or a higher one) than the old one.

This can be a problem if you want to upgrade to an SSD and increase your storage space.