How to choose the best ipad

Which iPad to choose? Which model is best for your needs? With this buying guide, you will find the answers to your questions

When you are about to buy a tablet, first ask yourself which format is best for you.

Apple currently sells four iPads of different sizes: iPad Mini (7.9 inches), iPad (9.7 inches), iPad Pro (10.5 inches), and iPad Pro (12.9 inches) ).

The iPad Mini is much lighter than others, and its body is much smaller, it slips easily into a purse. If you use your iPad during your vacation or business trip, then this is the model for you.

The iPad, the iPad Air, and the 11 inch Pro are ergonomic, but they do not match the portability of the Mini.

The 12.9-inch Pro is considerably less portable than its cousins, but Apple had the right idea to keep its weight at 631 g. It is an excellent alternative to a laptop.

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A big screen lends itself superbly for entertainment, whether watching movies or playing, the experience will be more enjoyable and more abundant in quality.

In addition to the format, the second question to ask is about your use. The versions say “Pro” have more power than other iPads thanks to its A12X Bionic chip, and that’s what allows them to run demanding programs. Pros are perfect for professionals or graphic designers, for example.

They are also more versatile since they can be used with the Apple Pencil (stylus) and Smart Keyboard (keyboard).

For simple use, such as checking emails or surfing the internet, a less powerful iPad will be more appropriate and will fit you better.

Regarding the autonomy of iPad, Apple says that the battery life is the same for all: “up to 10 hours of browsing the web Wi-Fi, viewing or listening to music “or” up to 9 hours of web browsing using a mobile data network “. However, it seems logical to us that the more prominent models have a bigger battery, thus a better autonomy.

Note that all this has a cost, from € 459 to € 1,959, and that if you only need a tablet for everyday tasks, then it is better to move to a more standard iPad.

We organized our ranking according to the uses of the general public and the price/quality ratio of each iPad.