How to be reimbursed while purchasing iphone?

Did you (or your children) accidentally buy an app or paid content through the AppStore? Worse, you see for a few months bank charges linked to a subscription? Do not panic: You have a right of refund for certain purchases made from Apple. To benefit from this and avoid repeating these costly mistakes, follow the steps below.

Access your purchase history

You must first check the Apple purchases made. To do this, visit from your web browser (Safari on your iPhone or iPad). Sign in using the same Apple ID that was used to make the purchase. You can then request a refund from Apple within 90 days. From the date of purchase.

Notify Apple Customer Support

Under the item detail for which you want a refund, tap Report a problem.

Go to the Select a problem drop-down list, choose the option I did not authorize this purchase . Add some details about the causes of your withdrawal in the dedicated field for this purpose. Finally, confirm your choice by tapping the Send button.

Based on your return, Apple will be able to directly execute your request by going to the refund. Or by redirecting to the developer of the application.

iphone refund shopping

How to prevent any new unwanted purchase?

To avoid this inconvenience, you must enable the Screen Time feature in the iOS settings. In the Settings menu, activate the ” Restrictions on content and privacy  ” tab. All you have to do is go to the menu titled ”  Purchases in the iTunes and the App Store”.Check Do not allow for the ” Integrated Purchases ” option.

Note that you can disable the use of Touch ID to validate your purchases in the AppStore. Go to “Settings, Touch ID and Code” and disable the iTunes Store and AppStore option.