Amazon launches a smart cart that scans your groceries

Amazon has just announced the Dash Cart, a smart shopping cart loaded with sensors and cameras. It automatically scans the shopping to avoid the checkout.

Amazon tries to make our shopping experience as easy as shopping online. After food stores stuffed with Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery cameras, the web giant has just announced Dash Cart . This new approach places the sensors in an intelligent shopping cart .

Amazon Smart Shopping Cart: Amazon Dash Cart Lets You Skip ...

To start shopping, the user displays a QR code on his smartphone with the Amazon application  , which he scans with a reader located on the screen on the Dash Cart. He then places his bags in the cart and cameras scan barcodes as he places his items. For bulk products, such as fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to manually enter a PLU code. Sensors integrated into the cart weigh them automatically when they are placed in the bags. Once finished, simply take the exit reserved for Dash Cart, and the rides are automatically billed by the payment method registered in your Amazon account.

The cart incorporates artificial intelligence to better identify products

Amazon does not communicate specific information on the technologies used, but speaks of “ computer vision ” and “ sensor fusion ”. The company presents the system in a video, and the description looks like an automatic checkout on wheels. However, it appears to be a bit more sophisticated. Amazon told TechCrunch that if the barcode is obscured, the cart uses computer vision algorithms to identify the product.

The Dash Cart will debut at Amazon’s new Woodland Hills store in Amazon , California, a 3,000-square-foot superstore slated to open later this year. The firm has not indicated when the cart will be available in other stores, or if a larger cart is planned. The current model is not intended for family shopping, since the Dash Cart can only contain two bags