A dual screen iPhone in preparation?

While four iPhone 12 are expected to land in September, rumors are of the arrival of a foldable iPhone with two separate screens. Apple would imitate Microsoft with its Surface Duo.

While Samsung, Motorola and Chinese manufacturers have wiped the plaster of the first smartphones with bendable screen , Apple has begun preparing its first iPhone foldable. It’s insider Jon Prosser who echoes it. He saw a prototype and explains that it is not a foldable screen, but a smartphone made up of two separate screens, connected by a hinge.

Apple would have chosen to imitate Microsoft with a foldable smartphone but equipped with two screens.  © Microsoft

It is as if Apple placed two iPhone 11 side by side, and that the image was displayed on the width of the two screens. It would therefore be a different concept from Samsung or Motorola which bet on real foldable screens. The Apple project is more like Microsoft’s with its Surface Duo , its dual-screen Android smartphone.

Face ID placed on the outer shell of the device?

According to Prosser, Apple would have managed to make the hinge almost invisible when the smartphone is open, and it brings another precision on the unlocking of the device. Apple would have decided not to place Face ID on the screen, but on the shell of the device, that is to say that the identification will be done when the device is closed. Result, there will be no more notch on the interior screens.

Of course, this is only a prototype and Apple could wait until 2021, or even 2022, to launch this model. Perhaps the Cupertino company wants to see the reception reserved for Microsoft’s Surface Duo or the next versions  of the Samsung Fold . As it stands, there is no hurry, and Apple will focus on the launch of the iPhone 12 scheduled for the start of the school year with four different models.