Learn Dolby ATMOS Mixing in Studio One

Learn how to use the Dolby ATMOS Integration in Studio One and Mix in Binaural

Do you know how to use the new Dolby Atmos Integration in Studio One?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use the Dolby Atmos Integration in Studio One.
  • Learn how to mix in a Dolby ATMOS Environment.
  • Learn how to mix with Surround and Object Panners in Dobly ATMOS.
  • Learn how to use Binaural Mixing.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 5 lectures • 33min.
  • Surround Effects –> 2 lectures • 12min.
  • Mixing and Exporting –> 4 lectures • 21min.

Learn Dolby ATMOS Mixing in Studio One


Do you know how to use the new Dolby Atmos Integration in Studio One?


You can really transform your stereo mixes, by converting them to Dolby spatial audio mixes in Studio One, and hear the benefits of the 3D space with the extra speaker channels. And you can even do with with a set of stereo headphones! using the Binaural Mix mode within the Dolby Renderer.


In this course you will see how you can move from the stereo mix to a spatial audio ATMOS mix, and hear the extra depth with the audio field. And you will feel more immersed in the environment and mix. Plus, you will understand all the new terminology like objects, beds, and renderers and outputs.


Dolby ATMOS is an exciting new area to explore with your music productions, and now with the Dolby ATMOS Rendered integration in Studio One, you can take full control of the New audio environment and learn how to mix to multichannel audio outputs. And how you can use these extra speakers to add extra depth to your mixes and listening experience.


In this course if will explain the Dolby ATMOS Integration and Renderer. You will learn about the beds, surround panners, surround objects, and how to use the binaural mode to mix on a pair of headphones to get the Dolby ATMOS experience, you with this knowledge can take your songs and productions to the next level!

So, if sounds like something interesting that you want to learn, then this is the perfect course for you!

Learn EVERYTHING you can know about DOLBY in Studio One!

This course will take you step-by-step on how to get everything setup. And then we will look at how to transfrom your stereo mixes to ATMOS.

With easy-to-follow tutorials and a real-world example to follow, you’ll enjoy learning while taking action.



  • What DOLBY ATMOS is and how the Renderer works
  • How to Load up a Stereo Mix and Convert it to a Spatial Audio Song
  • Learn about the Audio Output Setup
  • Learn the difference Surround Panners and how to use them
  • Using Objects and Automating them around the 3D space
  • Building up a Mix with the Surround Panners and Effects
  • And Finally, how to export out your Song as a Master ADM ATMOS audio file


Studio One is a packed with a ton of tools and features to use when working to video. And its ease of use and drag and drop functionality really make it easy to work to video.



This course will go through the steps on how to get up and running in Studio One and its bundled delay effects, plus show you all the features and functions you can do with them.

My goal with the course is to give you the tools and tricks that you need within Studio One to use the application efficiently.





Gary Hiebner

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