UiPath RPA tool description with Demos

UIPath RPA tool with Actions commands and creating bot demos

This UIPath tutorial covers topics like –

What you’ll learn

  • Robotics Process Automation.
  • UIPath RPA tool.
  • UIPath Commands and actions.
  • Creating bots using UIpath.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 5 lectures • 1hr 29min.

UiPath RPA tool description with Demos


This UIPath tutorial covers topics like –


1. RPA basics – Introduction to Robotics Process Automation , Various tools available in market for Robotics Process Automation , RPA benfits .


2. UIPath Tool commands/actions overview which are used for creation of the BOT codes like working with Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files, web browser actions automation including retrieving web data, capturing data from spreadsheets and text files and entering into web fields including textboxes, drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes , Working with Microsoft applications , EMail automation like sending emails , deleting emails , attaching attachments to mails , working with SAP, Salesforce interfaces, Email maarketing tools like campaign monitor and IContact , Working with APIs , Working with Windows commands, Working with Services , Working with Generative AI tools and models like Sagemaker , amazon bedrock, File Handling ,User Interface Automation, working with Azure Cloud Apps, Working with AWS services, Project management tools like JIRA, VMWARE , various Artificial intelligence and Machine learning tools


3. Variables- Types of Variables including user created variables like integers , strings , arrays , objects, boolean etc


4. Triggers- Used for triggering some bot action on occurrence of specific events


5. Demos which include working with excel files and browser automation including capturing data from web and writing to prompts and copying data from excel spreadsheets to web form fields.

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