Python 2021 – Mastering Object Oriented Programming

Become a Python Master

Within this course, I am sharing my years of production experience with Python.

What you’ll learn

  • Python Programming Language..
  • Jupyter Notebook..
  • Procedural and Object Oriented Paradigms.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Setting up the Environment –> 2 lectures • 13min.
  • Introduction to Python –> 11 lectures • 43min.
  • Conditionals and Loops –> 12 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • Python Data Structures –> 12 lectures • 1hr 17min.
  • Procedural Programming in Python –> 5 lectures • 40min.
  • Object Oriented Programming in Python –> 8 lectures • 58min.
  • Object Oriented Programming Projects –> 5 lectures • 1hr 14min.
  • Thank You –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Python 2021 - Mastering Object Oriented Programming


  • You don’t need any prior knowledge in Python programming or programming in general. All you need is a computer with internet connection..
  • Your operating system shouldn’t matter either. I am using a Windows 10 computer, however Anaconda distribution we will be using in this course has Mac OS and Linux versions as well..

Within this course, I am sharing my years of production experience with Python.

I have been using Python at my actual work on a daily basis to perform machine learning and natural language processing applications. Therefore, what you will learn in this course is not coming from a teacher who has never used it before in the field, but someone who is actually a practitioner of it. I know what issues you will be dealing with in real life, I know what is important for you to learn and what is not a priority. I built this course so that you should be completely ready to jump into the water at work, or put Python as an expert level in your CVs. I am also showing you tricks to help you pass the Python tests you will potentially get as a part of your job interviews.

This is also not a course you will get and never hear from me again. Anytime in the future, simply write your Python questions to the public course Q&A, I will either add a lesson to answer your question, or quickly type the answer to help you.

I want this course to be a platform where you learn Python fully and even keep discussing your challenges and questions in the future.

Let’s start learning and mastering Object Oriented Python.

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