Xiaomi launches three electric scooters Mi Electric Scooter in France

Building on the success of its first model, the Chinese manufacturer is gaining strength on the French market for electric scooters with the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Electric Scooter 1S and Mi Electric Scooter Essential whose prices range from 500 to 300 euros.

Fans of electric scooters know Xiaomi’s Mi Electric Scooter well, which has established itself as one of the best value for money in its category. The brand has just announced the launch next month of three new models: Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Electric Scooter 1S and Mi Electric Scooter Essential.

The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 is the high-end electric scooter equipped with a 300W motor which allows it to reach 25 km / h and climb slopes up to 20%, which should allow it to cope with the most of the elevations you can find in town. It has an LCD display ( speed , battery level, engaged mode) and a front and rear braking system. Its autonomy is 45 km and its foldable and light design (14.2 kg ) will facilitate its transport. It will cost 499.99 euros to buy it from the second half of August.

Then comes the Mi Electric Scooter 1S which retains a maximum speed of 25 km / h but with a slightly less powerful motor (250W) and a lower range (30 km). The slopes to be climbed must not exceed 14%, which is already very sufficient for urban use. The advantage is that it is a little lighter than its big sister: 12.5 kg. It will also be released in mid-August at a price of 449.99 euros.