Soon electric scooter races at over 100 km / h

In 2021, the Electric Skootr Championship should see electric scooter pilots compete on circuits laid out in major cities around the world.

Curiously, no one had thought of this earlier: creating a championship for electric scooters . This is now done with the Electric Skootr Championship. From next year, it will bring together pilots of supercharged electric scooters who will compete during races on tracks in the heart of big cities.

The idea is carried by two entrepreneurs specializing in motorsport who have joined the services of Lucas di Grassi, Formula E driver and Alex Wurz, former Formula One driver. The promoters say they want to include their approach in a promotion wider range of soft mobility, respect for the environment and transport safety which will be highlighted during each race.

Participants may come from different sporting universes

ESC riders will compete on electric scooters specially designed for this purpose and capable of reaching 100 km / h. A prototype should be unveiled in the coming months. Participants can come from different sporting universes , whether it be the automobile, cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding , motorcycling or even e-sport .

The choice of sites to host these races has not been revealed, but the organizers refer to ”  the most cosmopolitan and progressive cities in the world  “. On paper, the idea is attractive and has a good chance of attracting young spectators, fans of sensational sports and video games, from whom the concept should probably borrow a number of rules and objectives to be achieved during the race.