Opty, the fastest bartender robot in the South

Students from Epitech Nice have developed Opty, an autonomous bartender robot capable of serving beer four times faster than a human. They intend this robot for high-traffic events to solve the problems of queues when selling drinks.

The owner of the bar is called Opty. It is not very talkative, serves only one drink, but it does so with formidable efficiency, since it is able to dispense a beer in nine seconds, including order and payment, four times faster than in any bar.

Opty is actually a robotic arm designed by Majordam, a startup set up by students from Epitech Nice. The 1.7 m² bar and its arm are capable of serving 400 beers an hour. ”  It took us two years to develop the most efficient version of an autonomous bar , ” explains Maxime Gallo, one of the five creators of this robot waiter . Originally, it was a simple project of end of study, but today, this bar has become the iron spear of a real company whose objective is to provide brewers and organizers the most efficient bar in the world.

It is a winning bet, since Opti delivered its first foams for the brewer Carlsberg, during a concert by Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Nice in July 2018. After the “wow” effect, the robot also seduced by its speed and ability to reduce the queuing problems that can discourage consumers. ”  Since then, we have improved the robot and developed a more compact and even faster version for lower costs , ” Maxime Gallo told Futura.

The creators near their robotic bar during the Nice concert Beyoncé and Jay-Z, in Nice in July 2018. © Majordam

Compact and incredibly efficient

The bar has a payment terminal, a glass dispenser , a stock of beer kegs and a ”  Back-Office ” for the manager. These former students of Epitech are all developers and have programmed the code of the communication system of the robotic arm in C ++. Other languages ​​have also used to make the different elements of the bar interact with each other. ”  This is particularly the case for the Back-Office,” said  Maxime Gallo. The robotic arm comes from the Yaskawa company.

For the creators of Oppty, the economic and efficient side of this bar is important to attract partners. The students had already noticed that the price of robotic arms is gradually decreasing. ”  It seems obvious that in the coming years they will become highly competitive,  ” says Maxime Gallo.

And above all, in addition to its speed of execution and its compactness, Opty is extremely competitive compared to a traditional bar. Taking the example of an 8 m² bar with two servers and a flow of around 240 beers an hour at a festival, members of Majordom show that four of their robots are capable of serving 1,600 for the same occupied surface. Still, Oppty is still not very talkative as a bartender.

Article produced in partnership with the schools of the Ionis group, including Epitech.