Kia to tackle Tesla and Porsche with electric crossover that charges in less than 20 minutes

Kia is preparing an electric crossover on the basis of its Imagine concept unveiled last year. Developed in partnership with Rimac for the powertrain, it will use an 800 V battery system and promises performance worthy of a sports car.

Already present in the electric car segment with the Kona, Niro and Soul, Kia plans to release heavy artillery in the coming years with no less than 11 new models by 2025. And the South Korean manufacturer intends to open the ball starting next year with a high-end crossover, the performance of which, according to Kia, has nothing to envy of competing models from Tesla , Porsche or Audi .

Kia's electric crossover is expected to hit the market next year.  © Kia

Aesthetically, this Kia will be based on the attractive Imagine concept unveiled at the Geneva auto show in 2019. The powertrain will be developed in partnership with Rimac Automobili , the Croatian brand to which we owe the electric supercar C_Two which develops 2,000 hp. Note that Porsche has also chosen to work with Rimac on its next supercar. And just like the German brand, Kia is also a shareholder of Rimac.

A range of around 500 km

In an interview with the Auto Express site , Emilio Herrera, COO of Kia Motors Europe, revealed that this future electric crossover will use an 800 V battery system compatible with ultra fast 350kW chargers (like the Porsche Taycan ) capable of fully recharging in less than 20 minutes. The announced autonomy would be around 500 km. Kia promises performance worthy of a sports car, with a 0 to 100 km / h speed under 3 seconds.

We don’t know more about this crossover at the moment. However, Kia has indicated that it intends to use the 800 V architecture on other high-end models, while reserving the 400 V system for more affordable models.