How to help a depressed Person?

We feel responsible when we find a friend who suffers from depression, and the problem is that we do not know exactly what to do, and in order to do so we resort to many wrong methods. I will mention some tips that will guide you to the right behavior in such a case.

First: What is depression and what are its causes?

Depression is greater than the usual feeling of sadness and daily feeling of ups and downs, but when this decline lasts for more than two weeks, it is classified as a pathological depression and it is a psychological disease that affects the person entirely on his feelings, behaviors and health condition. Although not aware of all the causes that lead to depression, some of it is clear and has been medically monitored, which are either emotional or biological reasons, or even in a few genetic cases.

How do you help depressed?

Second: Do we consider it a serious disease?

There are many types of depression, which vary in degrees from one person to another, and on the basis of which the degree of severity is determined. Of individuals feel that their presence in life has no benefit, which may cause some people to get rid of themselves with their own hands.

Third: How to deal with depression.

Although many depressed people are unable to tell what they feel (which makes it difficult to treat and quickly diagnose), it is possible to treat 90% of depression, and to contribute to the treatment process you can do the following:
• Things to avoid

1) Demanding or depressing him from the crisis.
The phrase “you must get out of this situation and overcome it” is one of the most dangerous sentences that you can direct to your depressed friend, because he suffers from a lack of desire to participate in what is happening around him and is satisfied with only watching, that is, in the case between life and no life, as he He is always blamed for himself and for his actions, which he may see as harmful to those around him, and therefore directing such a sentence to him confirms the feeling of the futility of his life and thus contributing to reducing his morale and worsening depression.

2) Fabricated fun and making jokes.
This method may produce positive results with those who suffer from a transient condition of mild depression, but in the case of severe depression it makes his condition worse and enhances his feeling of powerlessness, while the depressed need to show others his understanding of his condition and its recognition, while throwing jokes gives him a sense of denial For this case and condoned, which increases frustration and isolation.

3) An attempt to correct pessimistic and destructive views.
Depressed tend to negative things like pessimism, anger, and their destructive view of themselves and others, all of which are mechanical energy and negative feelings that are difficult to change or correct their course by trying to persuade your friend to discourage him from them, these negative energies first need to be removed.

• Things you should do

1) Pay attention to what you say.
When dealing with your depressed friend, you should pay attention to the words you direct to him and the actions that you make that may offend him unintentionally.

2) Be yourself with your friend.
Your support and support for your friend must be real, but if you are not, then you should stop claiming it, because if you do, the result will be negative for your friend and for you personally, as it will reach your false sense as you will feel very frustrated by the futility of what you do when you find your friend does not respond . Be natural, even if you don’t feel any sympathy.

3) Pay attention to your personal needs and how you feel.
Incursion into helping someone suffering from depression may have a negative impact on you, as you find yourself feeling uncomfortable and frustrated, in which case you should not ignore these feelings and pay attention to them in order not to develop for the worse and take some rest to yourself so that you can continue to help.