Google smartwatches remind you to wash your hands

The latest Wear OS update adds an alert that goes off every three hours to remind you to wash your hands. There are also apps for Android and iOS to do the same.

Wear OS is to connected watches  what Android is to smartphones . This is theGoogle operating system for smart watches, but it has not yet enjoyed the same popularity. Far from it … Simply because Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers offer their own OS for their models, with their own applications .

The fact remains that Wear OS nibbles a few market shares each year, and the takeover of Fitbit by Google and the addition of manufacturers like Polar, Tag-Heuer , Montblanc, Casio or Suunto could make it take off. What could also appeal to the general public is the addition of new functions such as that unearthed by Android Police . Our colleagues thus discovered in the last update of Wear OS an alert dedicated to the current health crisis.

Applications exist on Android and iOS

At regular intervals, every three hours exactly, the connected watch reminds you to wash your hands. A stopwatch starts for 40 seconds, and a visual alert warns you to put soap. If this annoys you, it is possible to disable this notification. But be aware that Google is not its first try.

For several weeks, Google Assistant has added a song that encourages hand washing , and again it lasts 40 seconds. We can therefore expect that Android will soon include such a function to remind users to wash their hands regularly during the day. There are also applications that offer the same type of alert, on Android so, but also iOS .