Google Lens turns photo of text into copy and paste to computer

The Google Lens app has just been updated. By sleight of hand, it now allows you to capture text from your mobile camera and transfer it directly to your computer’s clipboard. Impressive!

Google has just enriched its Lens application with a rather spectacular functionality. It allows you to capture the text of a selected document via the mobile’s camera, to copy it and transmit it directly to the clipboard of a computer . Then you just have to paste it into a document. Recall that the Lens application was designed to recognize the objects displayed on a photograph of the mobile and identify them. The first functions made it possible to name a commercial product, for example, to display its prices via the shopping section of the Google search engine .

Lens can also identify a building (museum, administration, shop) and indicate its opening hours and useful information, for example. The tool can also interpret bar codes and QR codes . Even better, abroad, using Google Lens to read a poster or menu, it is possible to instantly display the overlay translation on the image. This function is also available from the Google Translate application.

Copy, Transfer, Paste

The current update therefore goes a step further by allowing the identified text to be transmitted to another device. For this, on the application, you must first touch the icon symbolizing the text. To select the passage to copy, it is necessary to press it for a long time, then to adjust the selection. At this time, the Copy to computer button  appears. To recover it on the computer, however, you must have the Google Chrome browser  and the connection to the Google account is active. Once the text has been copied to the mobile, a notification is displayed on the computer. All you have to do is right-click in a document and choose  Paste so that the text is displayed.

Normally, Lens knows how to interpret handwritten text , but it is clear that even from printed text, errors remain. In addition to its application, Lens is also integrated directly from the Google assistant of Android mobiles . It is also found in the Google search engine application on the iPhone .