Funny tech: an app for reading the future in coffee, an outdoor TV and robots as servers

The deconfinement is confirmed almost everywhere in the world, and it’s time to return to the restaurant. To enforce social distancing, a Dutch establishment opted for robots. At Samsung, we think of the comeback of barbecues with family or friends with an outdoor TV that resists rain and sun. In Turkey, the customs are stubborn with an application that can predict the future from a photo of the bottom of a cup of coffee.

Our new weekly meeting offers you an   offbeat look at the news of new technologies. The party is to entertain you, surprise you and make you dream … or sigh.

An application to read the future in coffee grounds

Yes, you had to think about it! Smart guys have created an algorithm to read coffee grounds from a photo of the bottom of the cup. The application is called Faladdin  and it is anything but confidential since it has already been downloaded five million times in Turkey. It is even the heyday of its inventor with several million euros in turnover which has enabled it to hire dozens of employees.

To make its predictions, the application takes into account the information entered by the user in his file, and we are entitled to one free consultation per day in the field of his choice: love, work, money , health, etc.

Robots serve food in the Netherlands

As in France, the restaurants were closed for months because of the outbreak of Covid-19 , and now it’s time for the reopening with social distancing measures. In Renesse, an Asian specialty restaurant has found a way to reduce contact between people: use robots  ! At the entrance, they, or rather they, greet the customers, then bring the dishes and even clear the tables. The bosses make it clear that they do not take the place of employees, but that they are there to help and optimize social distancing. Besides, robots are not completely autonomous since they are unable to take an order.