Quick Introduction to Java Collections Framework

Basic introduction to Java Collections Framework & Java interview preparation


What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Java Collections Framework.
  • Get a better understanding on how to use a specific collection based on requirements.
  • Gather knowledge on one of the most important topic in Java interviews – Collections.

Course Content

  • Java Collections Framework.

Quick Introduction to Java Collections Framework


  • Basic understanding of Java.
  • Basic understanding of collections and data structures.


Welcome to my course. Under the following sections I would like to present a short Introduction to Java Collections Framework.

New to this topic or just want to refresh your memory really quick on Java Collections? In this case this course is for you!

Under this course I will provide an initial overview of the main principles that should be known under a Java Interview preparation process in terms of Java Collections.

Will provide the overview of what we will discuss about:

  • List<E>
    • ArrayList<E>
    • LinkedList<E>


  • Set<E>
    • HashSet<E>
    • LinkedHashSet<E>
    • TreeSet<E>


  • Map<K,V>
    • HashMap<K,V>
    • LinkedHashMap<K,V>
    • TreeMap<K,V>


This is just an introduction to this concept since I want to support students to gather knowledge in a fast and easy way.



Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Java developers
  • Students that want to prepare for Java interviews
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