How to stop smoking?

All the evidence and evidence indicates that smoking is the main cause of cardiovascular disease , and according to the American Lung Association, 350,000 people die every year due to smoking-related diseases, and it is surprising that most smokers acknowledge this and meditate.

One day, by abandoning this bad habit, it has become more prevalent among young men and women alike. But the most important question remains is how do you help those around you to stop smoking?

Ayman Khalil, one of the healthcare professionals on the specialization platform, asks, “ How can I start quitting smoking? ” In response to this question, the programmer, Khadija Shatyat, answers:

Who tried failed several times before the final take off. But this does not mean that we should not try to quit smoking, we must prepare physically and psychologically to quit smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes , you must strive with maximum energy to change habits

The journal that you followed during the smoking period, some symptoms may appear when you stop smoking, such as:

Insomnia and anger: walking and exercise can help you get rid of this condition

 Cough : Tea or some anti-cough medicine, or a little candy

Sleep disturbance and a feeling of tiredness: Try not to drink caffeinated drinks after 7 pm

Headache, feeling unhappy, difficulty concentrating: take a hot bath, relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply and try to listen to music!

Consultation of a doctor may also be appropriate.

 As for Mohamed Majid, he tells us about his personal experience with smoking, saying: “I started smoking since I was a high school student and I used to smoke secretly about my family, especially my father.

When I went to college in my last year of school, I decided to join a football game team

Local, but smoking is between me and between this game, so I decided to get rid of this habit, especially because nicotine is my best friend who I used to while I was bored and distressed, how I did not resort to it and nicotine became a penalty that does not form part of my arteries and blood.

To start with, things were very difficult, a persistent and nervous headache that did not separate me even at the slightest of reasons. One of the tricks that helped me to quit smoking is to exercise daily and eat fruits and vegetables every day. “

How can I stop smoking?

 As for Ahmed Shurrab, he believes that will is the best solution to quit smoking, he says: “It is not necessary to start smoking cessation except the will, that is, that the smoker wants that, and that is because he feels the problem that is in it and its size, and what he will get from the benefits and fruits to quit .

Many of the studies I have seen encourage immediate and direct quitting by taking and continuing with it, without resorting to gradual quitting, which often fails and the person returns again to smoking. Direct and complete take-off is a proven solution to the problem, and the proof is that the human being

The smoker who fasts during Ramadan sees him able to stay for hours that may exceed 17 hours without smoking one cigarette and so once and all of a sudden, while in normal circumstances outside of fasting you find that he thinks it is impossible to stay 30 minutes or even 5

Minutes without smoking!

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