How to remove Tattoos?

Tattoos are a kind of regular, colored, or bluish dyes stuck in the skin directly or indirectly . The phenomenon of tattoos has spread among young people recently, and has developed in a way that is compatible with fashion and fashion, and the importance of tattoos has spread to some to become a thick bond between Lovers are like a bond of marriage, where the lover writes the name of his beloved, and sometimes draws his image on his body as an indication of his love for him and his family with him, especially since what he wrote and drawing is difficult to remove, and tattoos rely on needles to insert a substance of ink under the skin to write symbols and words.

Reason for young people to resort to tattoo

Young people resort to tattoos for several reasons, including:

  • The deadly emptiness, their lack of confidence and security around them.
  • The absence of a national and religious culture.
  • Not feeling the value of life.

That is why the responsibility rests with the parents before the children, because they are distracted from their children, not following them, and observing their behavior, as recent studies have linked tattoos with mental and behavioral disorders, as it was found that the majority of people who provide tattoos have behavioral disorders, deviations and psychological problems.

Tattoos and how to remove it

History of tattoos

If we go back to the roots of this phenomenon , we find that the tattoo has been known for thousands of years, used by ancient peoples for several purposes in the past, it has been associated with tattoos pagan religions that have spread to the east and west as the bearer of religious symbols and forms of gods , as used as a talisman against death, against the evil eye, and protection Magic, and primitive beliefs defined it as a sacrifice for self-sacrifice in front of the gods, and Arabs used it as a means of decoration and beauty, and a symbol of distinction in belonging to the tribe, and ancient Egyptians used it as a treatment, thinking that it prevents envy.

Types of tattoos

Tattoos have two types:

  • Tattoos resulting from traffic accidents or other accidents that lead to the permanent deposition of a number of pigment impurities in the skin.
  • Cosmetic tattoos are either by professionals or by amateurs, where tattoos by professionals are in bright colors, and it can also be used to create a mole, or to select a brow or lip or other, whereas tattoo  by amateurs is in one color.

Reasons for lifting tattoos from the skin

Some people want to remove tattoos from their bodies for several reasons, including:

  • Desire for that for purely religious reasons. Even Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, narrated the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, saying: “God cursed the stigmatized and stigmatized” Bukhari and Muslim, he expelled both the tattoos and the tattooed from his mercy.
  • Lifting the accident-causing tattoo, which left its visible and anxious effects.
  • Lifting tattoos, especially for employees of the army and police, for reasons specific to their departments.
  • The person regrets making a previous or an old tattoo.

Disadvantages of tattoos

Tattoos are among the most dangerous methods that harm a person himself, as most of the materials used in ink are industrial dyes that were originally made for other purposes such as car paint or writing inks, and the tattoo has many harms, including:

  • Human blood pollution when puncturing the skin and mixing blood with dirt and pollutants, especially by using contaminated needles in drawing tattoos for several people, thus transferring many microbes and viruses such as hepatitis virus , AIDS , and bacterial skin infections, and thus may lead to skin allergies, eczema , and even psoriasis .
  • The incidence of cancers of the skin , such as basal skin cancer, and other diseases.

Treatment by a plastic surgeon

Tattoos can be removed by old surgical methods, especially deep tattoos, or caused by traffic accidents, and other accidents, which cause tattooing in the skin from materials such as sand or foreign bodies. Also, tattoos can be removed with leather sanding, and this method can be used in cases of Surface tattoos and skin scars are accompanied to remove and normalize the skin at the same time. Also , the many types of lasers are also used to remove tattoos, and have multiple sessions , depending on the type of tattoo, its depth, and the colors used, by destroying the colored parts of the tattoos that are sensitive to laser rays.