How to know the symptoms of a heart attack?

80% of premature deaths due to heart disease can be prevented by healthy food and sports.
Health authorities in many countries of the world adopt the responsibility to correct the concept of people’s concern for the health of their hearts and the hearts of others, by recognizing the effects of heart diseases on human societies, the means of preventing them, and signs of being infected with it, and how Treat them and follow up on the results.

Without any exaggeration or intimidation, mankind is experiencing a global “crisis” in heart health. The classification of the problem of heart disease as “crisis” is based on two important things, namely that heart disease is the primary cause of death among people all over the world, and that 80% of heart disease injuries are preventable.

Global threats of diseases

Last October, the World Health Organization issued its public statement on the “Ten Facts about the Global Threat of Diseases.”

The organization said at the beginning of its report:

Collecting and comparing health information flowing from regions of the world is a way to identify health problems and their trends, which helps decision makers to set priorities.

The recent study, the subject of the report, describes the global health situation by measuring the “concern, burden, and depletion” of certain diseases out of all causes of death worldwide.

Among the more than 130 diseases, the study details the main causes of death globally.

The report showed that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, among males and females, globally.

It is one of the results of heart attacks and stroke .

At the very least, 80% of deaths, at an early age, caused by heart attacks and stroke, can be prevented by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and refraining from smoking .

How do you know the symptoms of a heart attack?
List of causes of global mortality

The World Health Organization monitors, from year to year, an approximate number of global deaths and the causes of their occurrence.

Among its releases information on this matter, which was revised in 2008, the global death toll is around 58 million people per year .

Cardiovascular diseases cause about 30% of all causes of death, between males and females, at all ages, and in all countries of the world combined.

That is, we are talking about an annual mortality figure of about 18 million people.