How to improve body image?

Many people suffer from the effect of a negative body image on their psyche and their self-confidence, especially women, at a time when advertisements and images are spread on TV and social media for what a person must be in order to be accepted in society, which limits beauty in a certain stereotypical form that applies to a few category Only from society.

Aspects form the human body image

A human body image is formed in several ways:

  • The body’s sensual image: this is how a person sees his body.
  • Emotional body image: It is how a person feels about his body.
  • Cognitive body image: is how a person thinks about his body.
  • Behavioral body image: It is represented in the way a person behaves as a result of the sensory, emotional, and epistemological picture that he has.

Factors that help create a positive body image

Building a body image in a positive way is a way to help people boost their self-confidence and adapt to what society imposes on stereotypes that compel them to compare themselves to it.

Psychologists have identified several factors or components that help create a positive body image:

  • Self-esteem: That a person appreciates himself and believes in its importance to others, its appreciation for it, and their desire to spend time with it. For more, read: Self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • A aking positive attitude in life: that man accepts the same Baaoppea and the advantages and move away from negative such as seeking behaviors towards perfection, and raise the standards of the same way that it is impossible to access, compared to the same person with others in the social environment or in the means of social communication, frequent criticism of the person himself and for the people Around him.
  • Emotional stability: It is the ability of a person to deal with his inner feelings in a healthy way, on the one hand, and to deal with other people’s feelings, understanding and adapting to them on the other hand.

It is considered to be the right of everyone to feel comfortable and reconciled with the soul, as the positive image of the human body makes it able to accept, respect, and appreciate his body and feel confident in the soul, and makes him see the defects and weaknesses that society sees as negative in him as a person who has strengths that distinguish him and increase him individually, so he sees himself completely as it is And not as others want it.

In order to improve the image of the body and turn it into a positive image, there are many things, activities, and tips that can be taken and followed by the individual and society, the most important of which are:

  • Speaking in a positive way about the body in front of others, using positive phrases, and avoiding the self-criticism that appears harmless at the present time but can negatively affect humans in the long run.
  • Focusing on body functions rather than focusing on its external appearance and always reminding oneself that true beauty is inner beauty.
  • Adhering to a healthy diet helps improve mood and reduce stress. For more, read: The Right Foods to Reduce Anxiety and Stress.
  • Exercising and physical exercise that improve mood and help reduce weight and thus create a positive image of the body.
  • Resorting to the help of psychologists if a person cannot control his negative body image.
  • Focus on the important moments and memories when taking photos instead of focusing on trying to make photos perfect in terms of the outward appearances of the people in them.
  • Practicing stress-relieving activities such as meditation, yoga, and massage by a professional.
  • The increase in the time a person spends with family and friends.
  • Surrounding the same person with positive persons, which will reflect positively on him and his view of himself and his body.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes that make a person feel confident and happy.
  • Focusing on human skills and hobbies and developing them instead of wasting time improving the exaggerated outward appearance.
  • Not to focus on specific parts of his body, but rather to see his body as one unit.
  • Investing time spent on anxiety and negative thinking in helping others and in activities unrelated to outside appearances.
  • Trying to develop oneself by recognizing faults in humans and trying to fix them.

How to improve body image

The role of society in improving the body image of individuals

Community role in improving the body image of individuals includes the following:

  • Carrying out campaigns that encourage healthy eating and exercise in order to improve the body image of all groups and avoid touching weight as a main axis in campaigns, which helps in creating an environment that encourages positive thinking and reduces the feeling of shame and lack of confidence in the body image of individuals.
  • Companies should consider the diversity in the physical image that appears in the advertisements they make to promote their products to include a large category of races, genders, ages, and sizes, and that the media content is not based on highlighting the image of the body and the weight, but rather the product itself.
  • The companies and responsible parties seek transparency in their ads by placing notes in the event that there are adjustments made to the images of people within the ads so that there remains a realistic picture of what is real and how it reflects on the psyche of individuals and their ideas towards their bodies.