How to deal with your stubborn child?

Anad is a common feature of young children and adolescents. They want to participate in the household decision-making task, or at least those things that interest them.

Dealing with a stubborn child is a delicate task, so parents must do it without making the child feel disappointed or hurt myself.

Here are some suggestions for parents that can be followed to deal with their stubborn child:

● Don’t argue with a stubborn child , when your child is angry or behaves stubbornly, it is not the time to argue that it makes the situation worse.

It is best to communicate with the child when he is calm and ready to listen to you.

Watching him and trying to figure out what makes him uncomfortable will help get the child out of the situation he is in and help calm him down.

Patience and dedication are the only keys to controlling obstinacy in children.
● Be patient , in order to rid your child of stubbornness.

Do not shout at him or be violent with him.

Such measures make the situation worse. Stubbornness is a natural process for a child’s development, and you should deal with it with patience.
● Contact with him , listen to what he is trying to convey to you, as that may solve most of the problem.

Entering into friendly contact with the child when he is angry or tense will help calm the situation.

Talking to him may distract him from stress and make him forget it. But if the parents do not listen to the children, they may feel that they are unwanted or unloved.
● Be a role model , if children see their parents behave at a small level and act in anger, they will also begin to think that anger is the best way to behave and get what you want.

Therefore, they must set an example if they want their children to behave well.

If parents do badly, do not expect their children to behave well and polite.
● Create a peaceful environment in the home , as the home should be a place of happiness and peace for the child.

Parents should pay attention, some times and priority to children when making decisions about anything related to the home.

How to deal with your stubborn child

Many parents make the mistake of paying more attention to guests and housework than to their children.

It is imperative that parents talk to children even when they are busy with their work.
● Encourage your child’s positive behavior , praise him whenever he does good.

Encouraging positive behavior makes the child understand that this is a good way to get attention.

You can also give him rewards in return, by giving him extra time to play or fulfill one of his demands.
● Provide options to get out of stubborn behavior . If your child rejects something, it is best to give him some options, including choosing between two bedtime stories or choosing between two foods for a meal.

This will make him feel the importance of his opinions. In addition, children will feel independent if they make their own decisions, even if they are among the choices that parents have made for them.
● Teach your children to participate , as children usually refuse to share their favorite things with anyone.

But, as parents, you have to teach them the importance of sharing things. For example, if your child refuses to exchange his toys with other children, he should know that these children will not share his toys as well.

But if they all participate in the games, then every child will be able to play with them all.