How to deal with panic attacks?

The subject of panic is one of the cases of anxiety and not others, it is the impression that I have after many years of practicing psychiatry in different places that it is the root of many different diseases that people go to for treatment with doctors of various disciplines is anxiety, but more than that; In observing life in my daily interactions with others, I noticed the importance of anxiety in its impact on people’s behavior, their way of dealing with normal life matters, and their reactions in different life situations.

Here is an attempt to shed light on a topic that we believe is of great importance to all of us from all sectors of society, and by it – in addition to the scientific facts that it contains – I made sure to put my humble experience through my work in the field of psychiatry and tried to focus on treatment methods and guidelines that It helps us to overcome anxiety and stress.


Doctors have recently noticed a significant increase in patients with mysterious cases of anxiety and massive horror that are relatively short but accompanied by bothersome symptoms that cause patients to seek treatment in hospitals, emergency departments and clinics of various specialties and sometimes in intensive care rooms.

Ambiguity surrounds these cases for patients and their relatives, as well as for most doctors; where these cases are diagnosed as heart attacks or neurological conditions accompanied by loss of balance or acute organic diseases, and here in this topic we shed light on these cases in terms of their prevalence, possible causes and symptoms accompanying these Seizures and how to deal with them, and the new in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease, which is one of the common mental disorders in modern times.

Panic attacks: 

The term Panic disorder and panic attacks appeared in the references of modern psychiatry to describe a mysterious disease that affects a large percentage of people of different ages.

Returning to the description of this case in the past, it is similar to a condition described by the doctor, “Daco Costa” where it affected soldiers During the American Civil War, as well as described by Sigmund Freud (1856-1936), a condition characterized by the interaction of anxiety and fear with rapid heart rate, rapid breathing and chest tightness and is accompanied by another condition called agoraphobia public places , a psychological condition that affects women often when outside the homes on the market Or public places.

An estimated 12% of people of all ages are affected by panic attacks after the recent prevalence. This means that there are millions of patients, most of whom suffer in silence and do not realize that the problem is a psychological disorder that can be treated, and the situation occurs in women by up to twice the proportion In men, although the condition may affect young children, adolescents, and youth, as well as the elderly, the highest incidence occurs at the age of 25, and the frequency of these episodes varies from person to person. 

While it occurs in some people several times per day, other rates may occur, they have seizures for a small number of times each year, and these cases cause varying effects that may reach the level of complete disability for some people, so they cannot carry out their family or social duties or duties, and may prevent injury to the person From leaving his home.

How panic attacks occur:

Psychologists have been busy arriving at possible causes of panic attacks, and how the seizures occur, and research has gone in two directions, the first of which is searching for psychological factors such as stress, trauma, and painful life situations that lead to the occurrence of panic attacks, and the second trend is to search for biological factors that affect On the functions of the nervous system and brain chemistry, which ultimately leads to the occurrence of these seizures.

As for psychological factors, it has been proven that a large proportion of patients who suffer from panic attacks have a previous medical history of some psychological difficulties that are traumas or situations of fear and terror they have been exposed to. In the previous stages of life, especially during childhood.

How do you deal with panic attacks?

I mention here the case of a woman in the third decade of her life who attended the psychological clinic complaining of panic attacks that occur repeatedly after marriage, and the woman stated that the seizures occur especially in the morning period when she is at home alone after her husband goes to work, and after several sessions were reached Until this woman was subjected to a situation when she was a child in the second year of life,

where her parents left her asleep inside their private car, then they returned to her after a period during which she had awakened from sleep and shouted when she could not open the doors of the closed car and gathered some passers-by, so this position remained Her memory to show the most Additional pathological panic attacks after more than twenty years, explains that the psychological causes of panic attacks, and the symbolic meaning of the situations caused by such as being in a place that is closed as in this case.

As for biological factors, psychologists and nerves have been studying the changes that affect brain functions and the chemistry of the nervous system that accompanies panic attacks, and it has been shown that the autonomic nervous system that regulates some of the functions of other body systems is in a state of increased activity with panic attacks, as well as It was found that the chemistry of the brain changes significantly in panic disorder, especially with regard to some natural substances that regulate the rhythm between brain cells in centers that control emotions and behavior.

There are three substances, Norabenphrine and Serotonin, and GABA has a direct relationship to panic attacks, how much Panic attacks are not associated with prolapse of the mitral heart valve and changes in the nervous system were detected by magnetic radiation examination, and experiments were conducted by injecting some substances such as sodium lactate or yohimbine, which led to the occurrence of artificial panic attacks in people who are ready to develop this condition, all of which would support the effect of the factors Membership in this mysterious disease in addition to psychological factors.