How to Choose a mouthwash, its importance, and how to use it?

Mouthwash is a liquid that is used in the manner of mouth rinses to care for the health, appearance, or odor of the mouth and teeth. There are many types of mouthwashes available in pharmacies and shops, so you should pay attention to choosing the most appropriate type before purchasing it. In our article, we address the criteria that must be followed when choosing a mouthwash, its importance, and how to use it.

Choose a mouthwash, its importance, and how to use it

Mouthwash ingredients

All types of mouthwashes consist of a group of components that are common to all of them. These components include:

  • Flavors , it is reported that most types of mouthwashes come with mint flavor.
  • Sweeteners , which are used to improve the taste of the mouthwash.
  • Preservatives, which extend the life of the mouthwash and prevent the formation of bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • Colors , which are used to make the lotion look beautiful and attractive to the user.
  • Fluoride , a chemical commonly used in water and toothpaste purification systems to prevent tooth decay . It also helps fluoride to strengthen the teeth .
  • Ovary , which is an essential and essential substance in mouthwash ingredients that remove plaque and food residue from teeth.
  • Calcium , which helps to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.
  • Antiseptics , which are divided into several types, all possess antibacterial properties. These materials aim to attack plaque layers. These materials are usually used for people who have a bad breath, oral infection, or gum disease.

Types of mouthwashes

There are currently many types of mouthwashes that are usually classified according to the purpose of use and the special ingredients they contain:

  • Mouthwash used to remove bad breath , and may contain mouth refreshing substances such as menthol and thymol that can have a mild and temporary antiseptic effect .
  • A mouthwash used to prevent tooth decay , which usually contains fluoride.
  • Mouth wash used to prevent or treat gingivitis , and it contains anti-bacterial plaque agents such as chlorhexidine . It can also contain fluoride to prevent tooth decay .
  • Mouth wash used for teeth whitening , and contains teeth whitening substances such as tetra potassium pyrophosphate . It can also contain a percentage of fluoride .
  • Mouth lotion used  to care for sensitive teeth, and usually contain Al Z materials , composite materials suitable for patients with sensitive teeth protect against inflammation of the gums. It can also contain a proportion of fluoride.

Choose a mouthwash, its importance, and how to use it

The importance of mouthwash

The mouthwash is of special importance and is numerous according to its type and its specific condition. The importance of the mouthwash can be summarized in the following points:

  • Fresh breath.
  • Prevention of tooth decay.
  • Preventing the formation of a bacterial plaque that can develop over time to dental necrosis, and lead to an unpleasant odor from the mouth and gingivitis.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Treating gum bleeding.
  • Oral sterilization and inflammation prevention after dental surgeries.

How to use a mouthwash

If you want to add mouthwashes to the list of defenses that are used to care for oral and dental health, they must be used correctly to get the maximum possible benefit as follows: