How to use sunscreen?

Did you buy a sunscreen? Let us know the correct way to choose a condom and use it. Here is the following article:

It’s summer, you bought new clothes, new swimwear, and you lost some extra kilograms from the winter, and all that’s left is to buy sunscreen. 

Who among us does not know the importance of using a protective cream! We all heard dozens of times if hundreds were not in our lives, how much sunlight is harmful . But not everyone knows how to choose the right cream, which cream should we buy, how much should be applied from it, when should it be applied or whether the sunscreen helps prevent pigmentation or not? 

Why should we use sunscreen?

First, it is important to mention that sunscreen is intended for men and women. Protective cream is very important, whether in summer or winter.

The prevention cream basically prevents skin burning as a result of sunlight. The sun’s rays that affect our skin lead to the release of the pigment melanin, whose function is to protect the skin from radiation by making the skin darker more and more whenever we are exposed to the sun, but melanin leaves the skin gradually a color and not a single impulse. Therefore, the owners of dull skin do not succeed in blasting, but may develop “combustion”, which leads to great harm to their skin. The sunlight that penetrates the skin infects elastic fibers and collagen fibers whose primary function is to maintain the elasticity of the skin and thus cause premature aging of the skin and more than necessary .

People with dull skin have more susceptibility to skin cancer, which is also a direct exposure without sun protection. The more light the skin is, the less obvious the effect of suntan because the light skin contains melanin pigment that helps it protect itself from the dangers of the sun.

When should the protective cream be applied?

It is recommended to apply protective cream in the morning before going outside. It can be applied after applying moisturizing cream. We apply the moisturizing cream (depending on the skin type), wait a little while the moisturizer is absorbed, and then apply the protective cream. It is recommended to emphasize applying sun protection cream a quarter of an hour before going out into the sun.

Picture of a woman applying sunscreen on her body

What is the appropriate SPF value in a solar cream?

SPF is a measurement factor that calculates the time it takes the sun to burn our skin when we apply a protective cream. But since the sun takes about 10 minutes to keep red marks on our bodies without a protective cream, then the SPF must be multiplied by 10, that is, if we have a protection cream that has the number SPF 36, the 36 should be multiplied by 10 (minutes) and so we can know that we can Be safe under the sun 360 minutes (6 hours).

It is recommended to use a protective cream that contains SPF 15 or more. If you are in the sea or in the pond and enter the water, you must apply the cream every hour and do not wait for the passage of time when the protective cream will stop us.

It is also important to ensure that it is mentioned on the cover that the sunscreen protects against two types of sunlight : UVA (which is long sunlight) and UVB (short sunlight).

What is the amount that must be painted?

It is recommended to apply a single layer of cream with an amount that is visible on the skin.

Is it possible to go out into the sun without applying sunscreen? 

The sun is the best source for vitamin D . Therefore, exposure to the sun without a protective cream is necessary but can be dangerous.

If you are exposed to the sun without a protective cream, it is recommended to do this for 10-15 minutes only, after which you should return to the shade or apply a protective cream.