How to use Rose water effectively?

You may be surprised that rose water can also be used for hair care, read the article to learn how you can use it to treat various hair problems.

Rose water is a natural cosmetic that contributes to highlighting the beauty of skin and hair. What are the benefits of rose water for hair? How can it be used?

The manufacture of rose water usually soak through the petals of roses with water, which is commonly used in cosmetic products that contribute to the construction and renewal of skin cells and hair in addition to the fragrant smell.

The use of rose water is also used for medical purposes and in the fields of food industries.

How is rose water made?

The desired flower petals are usually collected and put a quantity of water on them, and placed on low heat and left for 20-30 minutes, waiting until the petals lose their color and become white or pink.

The petals are then removed from the water and left to cool and become at room temperature, and then placed in a bottle or spray away from sunlight and used when needed, whether for hair or skin.

What are the benefits of rose water for hair?

Rose water has many properties that make it suitable for all types of hair, whether it is oily, dry or even white hair.

The benefits of rose water for hair vary according to the type of hair, including:

  1. Benefits of rose water for dry hair:
  • Helps remove dandruff
  • Moisturizes the scalp
  • Helps eliminate hair damage
  • It eliminates itching
  • Increases hair softness
  • Treats scalp inflammation.

2. Rose water for oily hair:

  • It strengthens oily hair from roots to ends
  • Gives hair a healthy shine
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Increases hair density and length
  • It gives the hair a pleasant aroma.

3. Rose water for white hair:

  •  It contains anti-oxidants that help to strengthen the scalp
  • Delays the appearance of gray hair and white hair.

How to use rose water for hair

There are many ways in which rose water can be used to get the most benefit for hair, including:

  • Mix the right amount of rose water and glycerin , then massage the scalp with the mixture and leave it for 20 minutes
  • The hair should then be washed with water and shampoo, and then the process is repeated 3 times a week
  • Massage the scalp with rose water 20 minutes before showering
  • You can mix rose water with jojoba oil and massage the scalp with the mixture after washing it and leaving it for 15 minutes, then wash it with water and shampoo
  • 3 eggs are mixed with a quarter cup of rose water and a teaspoon of vinegar and put the mixture on the hair for 15 minutes and washed with cold water, repeat the process at least twice a week
  • 2 egg yolks are mixed with a quarter cup of rose water, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of castor oil.

The mixture is placed on the hair for 30 minutes, washed with water and shampoo afterwards, and the mixture is applied twice a week.