How to reverse a photo on an iPhone?

Taking a nice selfie is not easy, and when we see the final result, we do not understand why the photo is reversed.

If this is a problem, then follow our tutorial. We explain why the iPhone changes the meaning of your selfies, how to take a selfie that will not reverse, and how to change your selfies.

Why selfies are reversed?

This information will surprise you but the selfies are not really reversed when you take your shot.

Indeed, once you press the shutter, the final photo is in the correct position and not reversed because that’s what the camera sees.

This final image is what you look like when the photo is taken. The designers of smartphones cameras have therefore imitated this reflection.

However, many users are not very fond of this system. In addition, Apple does not allow to disable this reverse on its iOS devices.

To work around the problem, you can either use a third-party application with which you take selfies and remove the mirror effect, or a touch-up app to edit your selfies.

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Take a selfie that will not be reversed

The Mirror app, as the name suggests, is simply designed to mirror you, just like the native Camera app.

The difference is that when you tap the screen, you take a picture that represents exactly what you see.

Once you have captured the perfect selfie, all you have to do is save it or share it directly with your friends.

The Mirror application contains advertisements, its paid version (€ 3.49) will allow you to avoid them.

Change the meaning of photos

If you’ve already taken a selfie and want to change its meaning, we recommend the free Adobe Photoshop Express app. At the touch of a button, you can return your selfie.