How to remove a coffee stain

It does not happen only in movies. You enjoy a right moment, gently sipping your cup of coffee when accidentally, the evil spreads: the liquid escapes your control, falls and spreads on or around you … Shout of horror, bulging eyes and face Tense, here you are facing coffee stains covering the various textiles, floors, and furniture of your home.

Everything is fine! This great tutorial will explain how to get rid of these unsightly coffee stains on all possible media. Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • The first gestures
  • Clean a coffee stain on your clothes or textiles
  • Fresh a stain of coffee on leather
  • New a stain of coffee on wood
  • Clean a stain of coffee on tiles
  • Clean a coffee stain on a carpet
  • Clean a coffee stain on dishes

The first gestures

The first gestures are simple, and you may even avoid arriving at more tedious processes!

Has your stain just been made? Then you have to take out the paper towel and absorb a maximum with.

Warning :Some bad habits are to be avoided.

  • Do not put hot water if the stain is fresh. This may fix rather than the opposite
  • With the paper towel, avoid rubbing the stain. Dab it so you will prevent it from spreading
  • Do not use coarse salt on your textiles. You could damage it.

The best way to quickly remove a stain is to put a little cold water and soap on it and mop up the water with your paper towels. This technique is obviously to be performed several times in succession until the disappearance of the stain.

Does the stain still resist the invader? Follow the tips and tricks that follow!

Clean a coffee stain on your clothes or textiles

To clean a coffee stain on one of your clothes, several techniques exist:

  • You can prepare a mixture with half white vinegar and the other half cold water. Pour the solution on the stain and leave on for a few minutes before placing it in the washing machine.
  • For fragile textiles such as silk, linen, and velvet, you can use a household alcohol solution at 90 ° C (1/4 water and ¾ alcohol). Dab the coffee stain with a cotton swab moistened with the answer. Then put your clothes on the machine.
  • Finally, another well-known technique is lemon juice. Sprinkle juice with the stain and rub lightly before putting on the garment.

Many methods exist to eradicate stubborn stains on your clothes. Want to know more?

Clean a stain of coffee on leather

  • To remove a stain of coffee on leather, you can use a solution from alcohol. Mix 50% water and 50% of this alcohol and apply by gently blotting the stain.
  • The other proven ingredient is egg yolk! Dilute with a little water. Let dry, then clean with a clean cloth moistened with warm water.

Clean a stain of coffee on wood

  • The coffee stain is on waxed wood? Use an old grandmother’s recipe: Black soap with a little ammonia. Mix these two products with water and clean the targeted surface.
  • If your wood is painted, use a cloth soaked in white vinegar and rub the coffee stain until it disappears.

Clean a stain of coffee on tiles

A smudge of coffee that is encrusted on your flooring is easy to remove. Use a sponge, black soap and warm water and rub! If the stain remains on the joints, do not hesitate to put toothpaste and rub with an old toothbrush!

Clean a coffee stain on a carpet

To clean stains from your carpet, you can do the method using white vinegar and washing up liquid. Dab the stain with the vinegar. Wait a few minutes and then lather a solution of water and dishwashing liquid to put it on the targeted area. Rub, and you’re done!

Clean a coffee stain on dishes

To give your bowls, mugs, and mugs their former splendor, put some baking soda on your sponge that you have previously moistened. So scrub your meals, and it will regain its whiteness!