How to get rid of tobacco smell in a car?

If you’ve just bought a smoker-owned car that smells of smoke, or you yourself are a smoker, you can get rid of tobacco smells with the right methods. You just need to quickly clean your car, use a combination of natural and chemical air fresheners and your car will smell good again.

Clean your carpets with a specific product and vacuum them
A classic product for cleaning carpets and rugs can do the trick, but if the smell is encrusted, you can use a stronger product. Then vacuum the carpets carefully.

  • If you cannot clean the carpets, vacuum them at least. This removes the encrusted odor. You will remove small particles of smoke that have been trapped in the carpet fibers, so part of the smell.

Clean the ashtray of the car

It goes without saying, if you want to remove the smell of cigarettes in your car, you have to remove the ashtray and clean it carefully. After doing this, spray a deodorant into the ashtray and scrub with a paper towel. You will thus put a small layer of product throughout the ashtray. This layer is not flammable, but sufficient to leave a good odor in the ashtray.

Hang a deodorant or odor diffuser in the car

Of course, if you are trying to hide the fact that you have cleaned the car or the fact that the car needs to be cleaned, then hanging a deodorant can raise suspicion. But if you just want to remove bad smells from your car, hanging an air freshener can make a big difference.

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Turn on the heating and ventilation for 30 minutes

Open the doors, start the engine, and turn on the heating and ventilation while you clean the rest of the car. While you remove the old encrusted odors, the new air will circulate in the passenger compartment and deodorize while effectively purifying.

  • If you really think your car needs it, replace your car’s air filter. Change it every 20,000 kilometers or at least once a year. If you don’t remember the last time you changed your filter, change it, you will see the difference.

Use a fabric and plastic cleaner

This kind of cleaner gives good results and neutralizes annoying odors. Spray it on seats, carpeting, interior plastics, and seat belts. Follow the instructions on the packaging, rub the product with a soft brush to make it penetrate the fabric.