How to disable the Flash Player plug-in?

If you surf the internet with Google Chrome, you may be used to seeing the Flash plug-in crash. However, if we believe Adobe Systems, this bug is fixed by the update of Chrome.

This update disables Shockwave Flash by default, so it’s up to you to activate it.

Indeed, a message will appear each time you go to a visited web page that has not yet moved to HTML5, the alternative to Flash.

For those wishing to use Flash, its manual activation could eventually weigh you down.

Moreover, this plug-in is known for its fragile security, its slowness, and its energy consumption, because it supports the analytical pages.

Google strongly encourages all websites to switch to HTML5 because this technology is lighter and faster. According to Google, most sites have already switched to this technology, and have noted a gain in speed, responsiveness and even a battery-saving for portable devices!

By the way: Flash has never been supported on iOS devices, and in recent years has been removed from Android devices.

Disable Flash in Chrome

Update Chrome

Google Chrome, unlike other web browsers, has its own version of Adobe Flash Player Player integrated. So, his plug-in is updated at the same time as Chrome.

To check if you are on the latest version of Chrome:

  • Open Chrome, click on the 3 small dots on the top right.
  • Click Help (Help), then About (About Google Chrome).

A new window opens automatically.

If an update is available, you will see the option: Update Google Chrome, click on it. Finally, click Restart to finalize the update.

  Disable all extensions

  • Open Chrome, click on the 3 small dots on the top right. 

  • Click More tools (More tools), then Extensions.
  • Or, just type about: extensions in the URL bar.

The extensions will be displayed, uncheck them all maybe the Flash problem came from one of them.

Update drivers

If you still have problems, you have to see the side of the drivers, which can be obsolete. Check that they are also up to date.

Also, the crash of Flash can come from the content itself. And in this case, you can not do anything about it …

Another internet browser

If Flash continues to crash or you do not want to activate it manually: just surf with another browser!