How to chat with someone without being their friend?

Want to communicate with someone on Messenger without being your friend or having access to your Facebook profile? It is possible and even very simple. Provided you follow this trick.

It’s been a few years since Facebook Messenger allowed its users to exchange messages. Even when they are not in their contact list. Now, the messages are no longer filtered but sent directly to the main inbox of the user contacted. It will take a few steps here.

Messenger is more open than you think

To contact a Facebook user who is not on your friend’s list, you will have to send him a request first. On the same principle as the friend request, this is a message request that the recipient can accept or reject. To do this, simply do a search on that person’s name. And find it in the results list. Clicking on it will send you to his Messenger profile. You can then simply start writing. If this is your first contact, the message will be sent as a request.

This request will appear as a notification if the user has enabled the settings to receive them, so you can rest assured that they will be notified either immediately or the next time they sign in to Messenger. Note that you will not be notified if a user has declined your request. However, if it is accepted, you can converse normally and receive notifications for each message. Without needing to add each other as a friend.

Image 3: Facebook Messenger: Chat with someone without being his friend