How to change your location to move faster in Harry Potter Wizards?

In this Harry Potter game, it’s not easy to quickly find all the magic ingredients your potions need when you’re moving at the speed of a muggle. This trick will allow you to teleport as a super-saïan!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the new phenomenon of augmented reality games after PokemonGo and Ingress. In this game, you can capture the different ingredients or magical creatures of JK Rowling’s universe as you travel the world. Only sometimes, when a monster is too far away or in an inaccessible place, it may be useful to change its location to save time or avoid too much frustration.

Be careful though! Niantic (the company behind these games) has already sent warnings to some players when their movements seemed too suspicious so you could see your account banned.

Blur your location on the Wizards Unite map

Once decided, you can download the application FakeGPS location – GPS Joystick . To activate it then, you will not have to launch the app. But you go in the settings of your phone and, more specifically, in the options for developers. On some phones like the one used for this article, it was necessary to activate this mode beforehand. If this is your case, a little tour on YouTube will show you how to activate this mode depending on your smartphone model.

In the Developer Options, look for Select Fictive Position Application and select GPS Joystick from the list.

Launch the GPS Joystick app now. After granting the permissions, click Start. You now have the choice between the different options to move quickly.

The joystick is better for short distances while the coordinates are more useful for moving long distances.

Once your chosen destination, the software will continue to run in the background and its joystick will remain visible. You can now launch Harry Potter Wizards Unite and move with the joystick.

To cut this new location system, go to the notification bar of your mobile.

Beware of apps using your device’s GPS!

If you ever want to use applications like Waze, Google maps or even the Leboncoin app, you do not have to go back to the developer options. Just set the application in question Retrieve Current Location and you’re done.