Xiaomi unveils its transparent Oled TV!

Launched to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand, this Oled television marketed only in China is the most impressive of the moment. Gone is the imposing black screen it is possible to see through.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has been around for ten years . It became known by multiplying the releases of smartphones at very aggressive prices and often equipped with muscular configurations. Xiaomi does not only produce smartphones and recently started making Oled screens . To celebrate its anniversary, in addition to presenting its Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra mobiles, the brand has just unveiled the  Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition , a 55-inch TV with a completely transparent OLED panel .

Xiaomi unveils ludicrous transparent OLED TV – and it's actually ...

If the manufacturer is not the first to offer such a screen, the effect remains stunning! And it is all the more so, in addition to the transparency effect, the borders of the screen are 5.7 millimeters thin. On the screen, only the necessary pixels light up, giving the impression that the image is floating in the environment.

Images that seem to float

To achieve this result, the manufacturer has placed all the electronics in the base. It is a MediaTek 9650 processor which manages the display supported by the AI ​​Master Smart Engine. For the rest, Xiaomi boasts achieve reproduction of exceptional images, with a spectrum of colors very extensive, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a limited latency 1ms that the players appreciate.

Five specific display modes are available for gamers, cinema, or sport. In terms of sound, Dolby Atmos is present, as well as a mode allowing the automatic use of the audio scenario best suited to the broadcast content. The marketing of the Mi TV Lux is scheduled for August 16, 2020 at a significant price of around 6,000 euros. It is only intended for the Chinese market for the moment.