Soon iPhone with a screen visible only to the user?

To protect privacy, Apple is working on technology that only displays content from an iPhone or iPad when wearing the brand’s future augmented reality glasses.

To protect the display of personal data on iPhones and iPads from prying eyes , Apple is working on a solution based on augmented reality . The system should exploit the famous future connected glasses known for the moment under the name of Apple Glass and which the brand could well release in September.

Soon iPhone with a screen visible only to the user? - En24 World

patent filed by Apple at the end of March and recently published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office (  USPTO), describes this system which would make the content of a screen unreadable without wearing connected glasses. Entitled  Privacy Screen  according to its authors, it is designed to replace polarizing filters that can be added to screens and which reduce the viewing angle.

Designed to do without polarizing filters

If it prevents the curious from seeing over the shoulder what is displayed, this type of filter considerably reduces the autonomy of the mobile, since the brightness must be increased so that the screen remains readable. Instead of a filter, the combination of augmented reality glasses and the mobile allows you to see all of what is displayed on the screen. To anyone else, the screen appears dark. The result promises to be strange since the user will be able to manipulate the screen of his mobile without anyone other than himself being able to see the displayed content.

This also means that if one does not have these famous glasses on the nose , the mobile is unusable. Obviously, as always with Apple, these famous connected glasses can only work with a mobile of the brand. While the idea is appealing at first glance, this technology should struggle to be adopted by users.