iPhone 12: 128 GB minimum, OLED 120 Hz ProMotion screen, 5G, Lidar, navy blue color… Leaks are increasing

Several sources deemed credible discuss in detail the technical specifications of the next iPhone 12. We are told four versions of the Apple smartphone with some major developments, such as the presence of a screen with dynamic refresh rate 60-120 Hz and basic storage which would go from 64 to 128 GB.

This is called a mega leak. A few hours apart, several youtubers whom the American trade press considers to be reliable have published new information on the supposed configuration of the next iPhone 12. If the conditional is still in place in such a case, it is impossible to ignore both revelations are promising.

Particularly when we learn through Max Weinbach and Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro) that the Pro versions of the next iPhone would be equipped with an Oled 6.1 (iPhone 12 Pro) or 6.7 inch (iPhone 12 Pro) screen Max) with the ProMotion display technology of the iPad Pro . Thus, the refresh rate would pass dynamically from 60 to 120 Hz depending on the use detected by optimization algorithms: games, fast scrolling of a web page , navigation in the interface, video.

A 4.400 mAh battery for the iPhone 12 Pro

Obviously, such a screen would induce increased consumption for which Apple engineers would have planned a 4.400 mAh battery. As an indication, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 3.046 mAh battery while that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches 3.969 mAh. If one had ever heard of a sensor Lidar to improve the quality of pictures in portrait and serve the applications of augmented reality , EverythingApplePro announces that the optical zoom of 12 iPhone would increase from 2x to 3x. Another aesthetic revelation that one, the night green color would be replaced by a navy blue with matte finish.

The four versions of the iPhone 12 would be equipped with the SoC A14, compatible 5G and with 4 to 6 GB of RAM depending on the model. But the other very big revelation comes from Jon Prosser, another youtubeur by which the basic storage capacity of the iPhone 12 will increase from 64 to 128 GB. An evolution altogether logical that finally put Apple in competition in this domain.