How to use multiple passwords without forgetting them?

Secure your passwords using a password manager and never forget your precious sesames.

Image 1: How to use several passwords ... without forgetting them?

Many articles recommend that you do not use the same password on all your accounts, other articles recommend not to use Google’s login functions or Facebook so how do you remember all your passwords? Using a password manager.

Firefox, the best browser to protect your passwords

Download Firefox

Once Firefox is installed, when you type a password on a site, the browser will offer to save it. Just click Save to start saving your passwords.

To prevent a malicious person from recovering your passwords now is the time to secure your passwords! To do this, go to the Firefox Options menu available at the top right of the screen. Then click on “Options”. Finally, move to “Privacy & Security” and scroll down to “IDs and Passwords”.

Check the “Use Master Password” box and enter a master password to set a master password. Once done, you will now need to type your master password to display other passwords.

To go further, you can also decide to create a Firefox account from this page and synchronize your passwords. Thus, if you lose your computer, it is broken, stolen or you simply change it, you can easily find your passwords in one minute.

On other browsers and mobile, choose Dashlane

Dashlane is one of the most popular applications in terms of security. Available on desktop and mobile, it is a real safe to protect your personal data. You can try all of its functions for free for a month. The full version costs 39.99 € per year.

Download Dashlane

Launch the application and fill in your email address. Choose the first password easily remembered for you, to validate your account.

Dashlane is open, then click on “File”> “Import Passwords” and “All Browsers”. The program will fetch all the identifiers (email addresses, nicknames, and passwords) already saved on your web browsers and compile them safely.

A Dashlane extension is subsequently installed on your browsers. Very practical, it allows you to automatically connect to all services used. No need to enter your login, a click on the Dashlane logo is enough.

On mobile, the process remains the same. It even improves since it invites you to use the digital sensor as a password common to all services. To activate this identification mode, open the application and go to the “Settings”. From there, activate the “Fingerprint” function and save your fingerprints.