How to use Instagram on an iPad?

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, and its application is incredibly popular on the iPhone. Alas, just like WhatsApp, there is no official app to use Instagram on the iPad.

In this article, we explain how to get Instagram on your iPad, you can either use the application for iPhone or access it via a web browser.

Download the Instagram app on an iPad

The iOS application of Instagram is not optimized for iPad but that does not mean that it is impossible to download it on a tablet.

The App Store does not automatically display the Instagram app when you search from your iPad, but you can click this link to access it.

If you prefer to go directly through the App Store then open the app, go to your filters, to the left of the search bar, and select iPhone only (otherwise the app will not show on your iPad).

Type Instagram, Inc. and the app should appear. All you have to do is tap the cloud or Get to download the app.

Use the Instagram app on an iPad

Apps designed for the iPhone tend to be misleading on the iPad, and Instagram is no exception.

By default, Instagram is displayed at 200% of its size, giving it an almost pixelated appearance. You can reduce the size of the display but, therefore, the images that are displayed are very small (which loses some of its interest).

Unfortunately, there is currently no way around this problem.

Post photos on Instagram from an iPad

Once you’ve installed Instagram on your iPad, you can post photos to the social network directly from the Photos app.

Browse Instagram from your internet browser on iPad

If you do not plan to publish a photo from your iPad, then the simplest solution is simply to consult the site from your internet browser.

Go to, enter your username and you just have to navigate on the platform.

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