How to use an iPad as a prompter?

You want to record a video but you are afraid to forget your words? So, take your iPad and use it as a prompter.

There is little you can not do with your iPad, play, draw or edit photos, it can even serve as a teleprompter to make your videos.

Indeed, in the App Store, there are plenty of applications allowing you to scroll a script on the screen of your Apple tablet.
That’s not all, to create even more professional content, you can also use third-party material such as a tripod or a teleprompter kit.

In this article, we explain how to use your iPad as a teleprompter and get high-quality videos.

The best prompter apps for iPad

Whether you’re a budding journalist or a budding YouTuber, to make a presentation worthy of the name, equip your iPad, your script and download a teleprompter application.

The Apple Store is full of apps that all offer essentially the same thing. Nevertheless, some are distinguished by their additional features.

For example, Teleprompter Pro lets you write, import existing scripts, set the scroll speed, and reverse your text (if you want to use specialized hardware). In addition, this app is compatible with a Bluetooth keyboard and your Apple Watch.
Thus, you can control your teleprompter via your devices and save valuable time during registration.

Teleprompter Pro is priced at € 7.99 but it is also available as a free version, the Lite.

If you do not need a flourish and are looking for simplicity, then look to Selvi’s side. At € 3.49, thanks to her no longer search your words. It is efficient and sufficient for simple recordings.

Accessorize your iPad with a teleprompter kit

For a better and less amateur rendering, accessorize your iPad with a teleprompter.

The TeleprompterPAD iLight Pro, for example, it costs 178 € on Amazon. It has a premium beamsplitter HD 60/40 glass which gives a perfect balance between reflectance and transparency and without any distortion of the image.

A carrying bag and a protective cover are even provided with so that you can take it everywhere with you without damaging it.

We also advise you to bring a tripod that will attach to your camera or phone. This will allow you to read your text while looking directly at the lens and maintain eye contact with your audience, whatever it may be.

Tips for reading a teleprompter

Before starting your presenter career, here are three tips for reading a teleprompter.

1. Speed

First, find the perfect scrolling speed. Too slow or too fast, if you can not tune in at cruising speed, your audience will notice.

2. Distance

Keep some distance with your equipment and installation. In this way, we will not see your eyes fix the teleprompter. Indeed, the movement of the eyes from left to right as you read becomes easily perceptible.

Experiment with different configurations and place a marker such as a tape on the floor to find the perfect location.

3. Relax

Relax! When we read a teleprompter, we have the annoying tendency to forget that we are filmed and, therefore, rendering is not natural.