How to update Kodi?

Learn how to install the latest version of Kodi on your PC, Mac, Android and Raspberry Pi.

Kodi has a new update available! Its latest version, Krypton V17.3 was released on May 25, 2017, and in this article, we explain how to update your software, whether you use it on PC, Mac, Android or Raspberry Pi.

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How to update Kodi

Updating Kodi depends on your computer or tablet, but in any case, the process is simple and fast.


If you have not yet installed Kodi on your computer, simply go to the official website of the software, click on the Windows logo, then follow the installation instructions.

If you already have an older version of Kodi installed on your PC, the process is the same. Go to the developer’s official website and download Krypton v17.3. This new version will automatically replace the old one without impacting your settings, files or extensions.


Many users take advantage of Kodi’s features on their Android tablet. If this is your case, and you have set your device to automatically update your applications, there is a good chance that you are already using Krypton v17.3.

If you prefer to update your applications manually, or if you want to check that you have the latest version of Kodi, go to your Play store and type Kodi in the search bar.

Click the application’s icon and once on its page, if the Update button appears, tap it.

In any case, do not remove the Kodi application to reinstall it as this will remove all your settings and extensions.

MacOS & Mac OS X

The update of Kodi on Mac is done in the same way as on PC. Replace your old version with Krypton v17.3 by visiting the official website of the software. There, click on the MacOS or iOS logo depending on your device, and follow the installation instructions.

Raspberry Pi

The installation of Krypton v17.3 on Raspberry Pi depends on the operating system you are using. To find out how to install this software on your computer, follow the guidelines developed by Kodi.