How to send sms from an iPad?

Want to send SMS from your iPad? In this tutorial, we explain 2 techniques for communicating using your Apple tablet.

Send SMS from an iPad with iMessage

You’ve probably noticed that your iPad has the Messages app. Be aware that this allows you to send iMessages. These are free but, alas, they can only be exchanged between iOS devices.

To write your iMessage, go to the Messages application. Then, to write your message, tap the icon at the  top right of your screen (a square topped with a pen).

In the bar provided, type the name of your correspondent. If it becomes blue, it means that your contact has an iPhone or iPad so you can exchange iMessages with him.

On the other hand, if the name of your correspondent turns red, it indicates that he will not be able to receive iMessage.

You will also be notified by the error message Not distributed. If this is your case, follow our technical 2nd.

Send SMS from an iPad with TextMe

Does your correspondent have an Android? Use the third-party TextMe application.

It will allow you to send free SMS from your iPad to other smartphones. Be aware, however, that their number is limited. To get more, you’ll need to watch ads, recommend the app to a friend, or pay.

Before sending your SMS, do not forget to mention that you are the sender, because TextMe will assign a phone number to your iPad.

Prefer instant messages

If you’re using a Wi-Fi or 4G connection with your iPad, you may not need to send SMS.

Do you have a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger account? Install one or both of these apps on your iPad and exchange messages for free with your contacts. These messengers allow even to pass audio and video calls.