How to save space on your hard drive?

Free up space on your hard drive and find lost disk space!

We all have our little techniques to optimize the available space on his hard disk. But some simple manipulations can save a little more space. In addition to classic cleaning tools like the built-in Windows or Ccleaner tool, here are three other techniques to gain a little more space with each tool.

Sort your system files with the Windows Cleanup Tool

Click the Start button and then type ”  Cleaning  ” in the search box. In the results that appear, choose ”  Disk Cleanup “. If you have more than one disc, select the disc you want to clean and start the tool. Once the scan is complete, you will see the list of files to delete including the Recycle Bin and temporary files for example.

Then click on the button ”  Clean system files  ” located a little lower and wait a second time that the scan ends. You will now be able to delete previously skipped system files such as Windows Pack Service Backup files, Windows Update files, or Windows temporary installation files.

Image 1: Insufficient space: how to save on your hard drive?

Delete duplicate files

If you have not already installed it, download CCleaner then install it. Once the software is launched, you can proceed to the standard cleaning to get rid of the files left by the Windows tool … but not only. When manipulating files, photos, documents or other, it happens that one creates voluntarily or not copies. From the left column of the software, click Tools> Double File Search. Select the drive to be cleaned, then start the scan by pressing Search, then select the duplicate files you want to delete.

Reduce the space for Windows backups

By default, Windows performs backups of your system that are useful in the event of a problem. However, if you are an expert, you can either reduce the space allocated to these backups or disable them altogether.

Click the Start button and tap Settings> System> System Protection. In the menu that appears, you have the option to reduce the space allocated to backups by adjusting the slider or disable backups. Warning: by pressing OK, the system will not only disable all backups but purge existing backup files.