How to remove MacKeeper?

Intro: You regret downloading MacKeeper? In this article, we explain how to remove this software from your Mac, step by step.

1- Remove the MacKeeper icon from your menu bar

If you have an older version of MacKeeper, it’s not enough to right-click on its icon to display the “exit” option.

This software does not respond either to the command “forced to quit” (option + command + Esc).

So, to remove MacKeeper from your menu bar, you must perform the following steps:

– Launch MacKeeper from your Applications folder.

– Click on the MacKeeper menu and then on Preferences.

– Click on General.

– Uncheck “Show MacKeeper icon in the menu bar”.

delete mackeeper

2- Uninstall MacKeeper

Now that you’ve got rid of the MacKeeper icon you can uninstall its application.

– Go to the Applications folder.

– Move the MacKeeper icon to the Trash. The computer may ask you to confirm the operation. Click OK.

– Another pop-up should appear, very similar, asking you if you are sure you want to uninstall MacKeeper. Click Ok.

3- The MacKeeper survey

After uninstalling MacKeeper, it is possible that Safari will automatically open a window that will redirect you to a poll. This is optional, so you can skip it if you wish.

4- Remove all traces of MacKeeper

Although you have removed MacKeeper from your computer, it is likely that this software has left files behind it.

– View your record out by pressing Shift Command + H.

– Move the MacKeeper Backups folder to the trash.