How to download movies on an iPad without using iTunes

The iPad is an ideal travel companion: lightweight, full of applications, games … Moreover, its screen retina makes it a perfect tablet for watching movies on the go.

If you do not like using iTunes to download your movies to your iPad, you can work around the software through a cloud or third-party application.

Download a movie directly to an iPad with a Cloud

The easiest way to transfer a video to an iPad is to use a cloud.

A Cloud is a remote cloud storage system, it works much like an external hard drive, but it can be accessed from any device via the internet.

So, to put a movie on your iPad, place it in your Cloud, then download it to your iOS tablet.

Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive are probably the most popular Clouds for this type of backup.

The only drawback of this technique is that, depending on the size of your file and the quality of your internet connection, the transfer time of the video on your iPad can be extended (or very long).

Use DropBox to put a movie on your iPad without iTunes

First, create a Dropbox user account and download the app to your iPad and your PC or Mac.

From your computer, place your video file in your Dropbox. Depending on the size of the cloud, it may take a few minutes to hours to synchronize your cloud.

When a green icon (with a white check mark) appears next to your file, it means that it is now accessible from any device.

All you have to do is connect to your Dropbox from your iPad and download your movie.

Download a movie on an iPad with a third-party application

If waiting for hours for the files to synchronize is not the solution you would have imagined, then we recommend using a third app.


iExplorer is one of our favorites, giving you more freedom in your interaction with your iPad storage.

However, for this trick to work, you will also need to install a third-party video player such as PlayerXtreme Media Player (free).

Once you have installed both programs, connect your iPad to your computer. Open iExplorer, your iOS tablet should automatically be detected. 
Now you are free to access iTunes files and backups.

In the left vertical menu, click Apps. From the files that appear, select PlayerXtreme and open its Downloads folder.

Now choose your video, then click Export, located at the bottom of the window, and finally Export ‘Videos’ to Folder.

The transfer should then start, a progress bar will appear at the bottom right.

Once done, open PlayerXtreme on your iPad, you should see the movie you just added. All you have to do is watch it!


Although expensive and in English, the WALTER app is popular with the public. Why? Because it makes transferring files to an iPad extremely fast and easy. The application is free for the first 14 days so you can try it before committing yourself.

To download WALTER, visit and click Download WALTER for free.  

Accept the terms of use (“I accept the agreement”), click on Install Now and save your email address from benefiting from the trial version.

An e-mail is sent to you with a security key, copy the number and paste it in the Product Registration bar.